VOLUME 2 of the focus issue is a collection of papers for the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS). This focus issue is accepting papers covering topics related to symposia at the 18th IMCS to be held in 2021, which includes:
IMCS 01 – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chemometrics, and Sensor Arrays
IMCS 02 – Chemical and Biosensors, Medical/Health, and Wearables
IMCS 03 – Electrochemical and Metal Oxide Sensors
IMCS 04 – Sensors for Agricultural and Environmental Applications
IMCS 05 – Recent Advances and Future Directions in Chemical and Bio Sensor Technology
IMCS 06 – MEMS/NEMS, FET Sensors, and Resonators
IMCS 07 – Microfluidic Devices and Sensors
IMCS 08 – Optical Sensors, Plasmonics, Chemiluminescent, and Electrochemiluminescent Sensors
IMCS 09 – Sensors for Breath Analysis, Biomimetic Taste, and Olfaction Sensing
IMCS 10 – Chemical and Biosensing Materials and Sensing Interface Design

Submission Deadline Opens: May 2021

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Sheikh Akbar, Ohio State University, akbar.1@osu.edu

Peter Hesketh, Georgia Institute of Technology, peter.hesketh@me.gatech.edu

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Kevin Johnson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, kevin.johnson@nrl.navy.mil

Ajit Khosla, Yamagata University, khosla@yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp

Jessica Koehne, NASA, jessicakoehne@gmail.com

Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Concorida University, mpackir@encs.concordia.ca

Rudra Pratap, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, pratap@iisc.ac.in

Ramaraja Ramasamy, University of Georgia, rama@uga.edu

Steve Semancik, National Institute of Standards and Technology, stephen.semancik@nist.gov

Yasuhiro Shimizu, Nagasaki University, shimizu@nagasaki-u.ac.jp

Joseph Stetter, KWJ Engineering, jrstetter@gmail.com

Joseph Wang, University of California San Diego, josephwang@eng.ucsd.edu

Udo Weimar, University of Tübingen, upw@ipc.uni-tuebingen.de

Nick Wu, University of Massachusetts Amherst, nianqiangwu@umass.edu

Xiangqun Zeng, Oakland University, zeng@oakland.edu

Technical Editor
Ajit Kholsa, khosla@yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp

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