Sincerely thanks to all participants and presenters for making the 18th IMCS such an enjoyable and memorable meeting this year.

Please note that the site will be open to view recorded talks and view presentation through June 26th 2021.

The Meeting Program is available at:

Link to Technical Program for Meeting 

Opening Ceremony    

Sunday, May 30  1100-1130h EST / 1700-1730h CEST / 0000-0030 +1 JST

Plenary Talks

You won’t want to miss these daily plenary talks from the world’s foremost researchers in chemical sensor technology! Link to Plenary Talks

Jong-Heun Lee, “Rational Design of Oxide Chemiresistors for Next-Generation Gas Sensors and Artificial Olfaction

Sunday, May 30    2000-2100h EST / 0200-0300h +1 CEST / 0900-1000h JST

Elizabeth Hall, “From Gene to Device: The Route to Diagnostics in Low Resource Countries

Monday, May 31   1100-1200h EST / 1700-1800h CEST / 0000-0100 +1 JST

Joseph Wang, “Wearable Sensors for Monitoring Chemical Markers: Beyond Steps and Vitals

 Tuesday, June 1    1100-1200h EST / 1700-1800h CEST / 0000-0100 +1 JST

Mark Meyerhoff, “Electrochemical/Optical Sensors in Medicine: Meeting Needs for the 21st Century

 Wednesday, June 2   1100-1200h EST / 1700-1800h CEST / 0000-0100 +1 JST

Live Topical Sessions and Presentations

Eight Daily Sessions, Sunday through Thursday

0900-1100h EST / 1500-1700h CEST / 2200-0000h JST

1800-2000h EST / 0000-0200h +1 CEST / 0700-0900h +1 JST

Join us twice every day as the various IMCS symposia hold video breakout sessions featuring live presentations, question and answer opportunities, topical discussions, and more. Link to Live Program

Sponsors and Funders Forum

Monday, May 31   1200-1400h EST / 1800-2000h CEST / 0100-0300h +1 JST

Invited presenters from funding organizations and government agencies provide their perspective on current programs and strategies for securing funding and sustaining research activities on chemical and biosensors at universities and other institutions.

Guests include speakers from National Institutes of Health (NIH), The National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Industry Round Table

Tuesday, June 1   1200-1300h EST / 1800-1900h CEST / 0100-0200h +1 JST

Sensors is a dynamic and constantly evolving field and one of the easiest to translate to real world applications, with many commercialization and entrepreneurship opportunities. This event will feature a range of sensor companies participating in a roundtable discussion regarding key steps and barriers for commercializing chemical and biosensors.

Networking for Young Professionals

Wednesday, June 2   1200-1330h EST / 1800-1930h CEST / 0100-0230h +1 JST

Young professionals will have a chance to meet session chairs, conference organizers, invited speakers, and industry leaders in an informal setting to help build a network, establish collaborations, brainstorm new ideas, or find a mentor.

Closing Ceremony

Thursday, June 3   2000-1230h EST / 0200-0230h +1 CEST / 0900-0930h +1 JST

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Opportunity to submit to collection of papers for the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS) VOLUME 2: Focus Issue of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society for IMCS   Submission Deadline Opens: May 2021 Further Information and closes August 4th 2021.

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