Joint IMCS / ECS Z-Symposium:

Z-02:  COVID-19 and Pathogen Related Research, Development, and Engineering in Sensors and Systems – A Joint Symposium of ECS and IMCS Sensor Division, Dielectric Science and Technology Division, Energy Technology Division, Nanocarbons Division, Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division

The COVID-19 pandemic is an immense global challenge, both societal and scientific. It brings to light the need for cross-disciplinary research. In order to address this need, the ECS initiates a symposium to discuss all aspects of the COVID-19 situation and the response and recovery across the globe especially as it involves disease detection, surveillance, mitigation and prevention by using sensors, systems and related science and technology to decrease the spread of the virus. The ability to respond to such challenges, both related to SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as other biothreats, is highly dependent upon actionable and timely understanding of the fundamental scientific aspects of the problem, from the level of a single patient to a community and beyond. Papers are welcome but not limited to all aspects of the detection, diagnosis, monitoring, life-support, planning, surveillance, and remediation activities concerning COVID-19 and related emerging threats. Also included are activities associated with related materials science, physics, chemistry and electrochemistry, sam­ple processing, sensor information fusion, data extraction and ultimately sensor networks and architectures. The world-wide efforts to overcome COVID-19 also stimulate activity in related fields as well as regulating social activity with systems involving sensors across a range of applica­tion areas including medical, environmental, home, transportation, and industrial. Studies on effective (not limited to catalytic or electrochemical) decontamination methods also fit this topic. Information about the social setting is also welcome.  No issue of ECS Transactions is planned for this symposium. All authors are encouraged to submit a full text preprint, slides, or other presentation-related materials to the new preprint server, ECSarXiv (

Abstracts should be submitted electronically to ECS headquarters, and questions and inquiries should be sent to the symposium organizers: Pe­ter Hesketh, Georgia Institute of Technology, email: peter.hesketh@; Xiangqun Zeng, Oakland University, email: zeng@; Gary W Hunter, NASA Glenn Research Center, email:; Angela Ervin, Department of Homeland Se­curity, email:; Daniel Heller, MSKCC, email:; Joseph Stetter, sensor division, email: jrstetter@; Uros Cvelbar, Jozef Stefan Institute, email: uros.cvelbar@; Plamen B. Atanassov, University of California Irvine, email: pla­; Sadagopan Krishnan, Oklahoma State Uni­versity, email:; Durgamadhab Misra, New Jersey Institute of Technology, email: